can't get bandito outfit

I have one more scrap to get for the bandito outfit.  I'm supposed to bring in a bandito bounty alive but I've done this at least five times and the outfit still wont unlock.  Has anyone else had this problem?  And more importantly, how can i fix this?


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are you 10000% certain that it is labeled "bandito" and not "criminal"? either way, go to your outfits and scroll over to the bandito one that you are trying to accomplish and choose the option to track it. with it selected it should make your next bounty you capture a bandito and also put a purple circle on your map to show where the tracking is taking place. give that a shot and see if that works.

some of the bounties were labeled "mexican banditos"  

I will try the tracking thing.  Wasn't aware I could do that.  Thanks!

youre welcome, i hope that works out for ya.

tried it and it didn't work.  The purple highlighted area was around chuparosa.  I did two more bounties one just said criminal and the other said mexican banditos.  again nothing happened, but the purple was still covering chuparosa.  

thats strange. go to chuparosa and see if you can pick your bounty from there (i think that is what it is trying to get you to do, if i remember correctly there is a poster there).

Remember, banditos have the big hats.

and red scarves, too, right?   I'll keep trying