Can't finish a game...

i just started playing this online 2 days ago and i have not been able to finish a game.  we get into the 1st series and lose connection everytime.  6 times last night and twice tonight.   can anyone shed some light on this?  other games are fine online.  i'm getting 10-12mbps down and 1.4 up on my connection and i'm not losing connection on the xbox or other devices when the drop occurs.


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as a rule of thumb for almost all xbox live games, if you are consistently having problems, then its probably you.

havent dropped a single game of madden, my only lost connection came in 1 of 30 or so games of fifa

Are there other things running on your network while you play?

Seems it's only happening with Madden, I tried 3 other online games last night and none dropped...VF 5 online, PGR 4 and Tetris Online.  At the time only 3 other PC were online and nothing was being downloaded.  One PC is a Windows Home Server.

i would say 3 pc's could be part of the problem.  that, and there's probably more ppl online on madden right now than there has ever been on those other 3 games

i don't think my networked pc's are the problem since the other games didn't lose connection...i know those other games have less traffic but that's all i have to compare it with.  i don't have any other new games.  i can shut down my networked pc's and try to see.  any other suggestions?  

i figured it out...i have ATT U-verse and the router they gave me is not compatible with Windows Home Server so i had to put a router behind it in my network so i could use remote access.  i had the xbox connected to the 2nd router before, when i put to ATT's router i got through a whole game so the problem is connecting through the 2nd router...but i still don't get why i didn't lose connection with any other games while connected the original way.