Can't find Saint's Row Server

I just started playing, and got to character creation.  I made a lot of characters using the free XBox 360 app and loaded them to the Saints Row website.  Now, when I try to access the website, I'm getting a "Server unavailable" error, even though I'm just fine logging into XBox Live.  I find this very strange, as I can log into and not only is it up, but it has the starts from me playing the first level before character creation.  

What gives?


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The part where you create your character happens after that first mission

After you beat "Zero Saints Thirty", you will be given the chance to choose a default character to start. After you select one of the magazines, you will be given the chance to customize your character fully.


Have you been able to log on to the Saints Row Server from here? There should be an option. Look for it.

I am aware of where character creation is, but the option at the end of character creation is keeps saying "Server not found.  Please try again later" which is really frustrating.  Can I change my character to a downloaded one later in the game?  I'd be happy if I could update my character later without any impact.

The only place I could think of you being able to change your character at a later time would be "Image as Designed", but you'll have to hack it first in order to use it.