Can't find or even make obsidian confused

I have watch video after video most I have seen say that you need water and lava and red stone dust. while others just say water and lava and show that it does work. I have tried the lava and water, but came up empty. was that a bug and patched or what? Also can people give estimates of how deep you had to go to even see some of the rare elements.

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You need to go down pretty deep, you can be lucky though and find an odd pocket of about 8 rare ore quite near the surface but thats rare, usually you need to go down quite far.

To make obsidian is easy. Grab a bucket (or two, if you wish). Make two hole in the ground, one block deep each, with a block separating them. Pour water in one and lava in the other. Break the middle block to let them mesh. Congrats! Repeat until you have enough for what you want.

i just poured it on the ground 1 block away from sitting lava but the lava has to be stagnant NOT flowing in any direction.

i horded a few stacks earlier with 1 pick axe.

(just be careful digging the obsidian up because theres usually lava underneith the obsidian... if so, just be careful and try to let it pop up to you sometimes itll just go into the lava and fry up.)

and i went to the bedrock then up between 8 and 16 blocks then out in each direction and i was hitting ALOT of veins of gold iron coal blue red and diamond. i have about 3 full stacks of diamond already after like 8 hrs of mining.

You don't need redstone. Find a pool of lava. Take gravel with you and use it to make a pool of about 6/6. Have a few buckets of water with you. Once you make that pool throw a bucket of water in the middle. Most of the lava should turn to obsidian and leave a block of water. break blocks next to the water. The water will flow into that block and turn the lava into obsidian. I got 30 blocks yesterday doing that in one pool.