Can't download update? Error Status Code 3F45-0000-D080-0200-8007-2751

I have no problems with my network and have successfully run the Xbox Live connection test. Everything checks out, no NAT issues, etc. Every time I launch AC III it tells me an update is available. When I click "Download Now," it hesitates for a fraction of a second, then says Unable to Download, with error code 3F45-0000-D080-0200-8007-2751. Anyone else seeing this?

I'll post in support too. Thanks!


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Your error code is mentioned here:

Try the suggested steps next to it.

I'm having the same problem, with the update for Brink.

My netword is fine (36 ping, 12.3mb, xbox live connection fine and very quick).

I've cleared system cache, but there are no other words of advice other than 1) try again and 2) troubleshoot network options for GAME updates on that Support page.

Can you download specific game updates to be transferred using USB via or elsewhere? I've downloaded updates for Dead Island and Fifa 13 today with no problems too.

Ah, hang on, working now after 15 minutes of trying. Obviously a temporary problem.

I had the same problem but it was just a temporary thing.

Same problem.......what do i dooooooooo!!!!!!

Seems to be a fix on its own, just keep trying and hope it works once. I would personally try unplugging the Ethernet cord keeping you online before you try each time

Had the same problem.  Try shutting down your system then restarting.  Downloaded fine after I did that.