Can't download the Update

I have tried multiple times over the last couple of days to download the update for GTA V and everytime I have got the "update failed" 4099-0000-D080-0200-8007-2F76 code. Has anyone else got this problem and if so what is the solution. Thanks for the help.


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Have you tried clearing your system's cache? Sometimes that helps to clean a bit of the updates up and allow other ones to be downloaded easier. Not saying it's guaranteed but it's something you can try.

I tried that and it didn't work but thanks for the help. Anything else?

Go into your GTA V files on your HDD. Search and see if perhaps you have an update but it may be corrupt. If so, delete ONLY the update (not you single player save or anything else). Try clearing your cache again, just to be safe, then try booting it up once more. I'm not sure what else to say if that doesn't work other than wait for the next update that should be coming very soon tonight or tomorrow for 360 (judging from other posts).

Thanks for the help but it didn't work. I guess I'll just wait for the update.

Bah, sorry to hear. There is currently an issue with Live, too right now. It could possibly be the issue as well, though I'm not certain. I'm hoping it gets worked out soon.

Ya my whole xbox is having issues right now. It says connect to xbox live on the dashboard but I'm in a party right now.

Hi there, did you solve this issue, if so could you please tell me how as I am also getting the same status code.


Hmm, have you tried typing in that error code on this website or Google and seeing what pops up?


NVM, first thing that popped up: