Can't download large GwG Games?

The last two games (free with gold)  that were 5-6 GB would not download to my console. It puts it in the que, but a few seconds later disappears. Everything else downloads fine, so this one has me really confused. I did the whole delete the corrupt file, delete and download profile, reset system, deleted cache, etc.. It seems to be something with these larger games, are they stored on another server or something?

I live out in the country so my only option for internet is 3G, which works fine for us. Universal PNP is on, and I tried forwarding all the ports MS says the 360 needs directly to the static IP. The system is less than a year old and has plenty of hard drive space left. Tried adding the game from the console, and from the web, but the same thing happens. 

I just don't understand why I can download a 2GB game, but when it comes to these larger free games it instantly fails. 

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

If I download the demo of these particular games, will it still download the entire 6GB when I go to download the full version? 

Thanks for any help you can provide, I didn't get anywhere when contacting Microsoft. Just the same routine mentioned above... 


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