Can't connect to server?

Is anyone else having this problem? I was playing just fine a few hours ago, but I came home from classes and now I can't connect to the Blops server.

Yes, I have tried restarting the game/console/router etc. I'm wondering if it's just me or if other people can't connect either.


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Same for me :( finally I have couple of hours to play and server is down....

Ditto for me here in Upstate NY.

Just give it like 10-15 minutes.

Same problem here in Iowa. Servers going down and can't reconnect. Just walk away for awhile. The servers will come back up.

I am having the same problem. I am in Philadelphia. Always says servers are down even though my friends are playing.

just woke up, can't connect :(

i was having the same problem the other day for SEARCH AND DESTROY =\

Tried a few online games GOW 3 couldnt connect also

Was able to play mw2 earlier and nothing...rainy day here..good day to

Couldnt get MW 2 to work either or Modern Warfare


cod servers suxxxxxxxxx

Also saw 2 host migrations last night that failed. I had no issues connecting but my friend did for a little while.