Can't connect to free mode

Hey Guys

I can't connect to online freemode. Its really pissing me off, I can sometimes hear the voices from chat then I get disconnect message. Usual stuff out the way, open NAT/Ports etc, nothing works.

Thanks in advance


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So, it seems connecting to people isn't the problem. Check the SPEED of your connection. Perhaps it is too slow.

I have the same problem. my NAT is open and speed is great. but connecting to a game is impossible

Really? Now that's a first! If you have open NAT, you should be able to connect to anyone. If you have fast Internet speed, you also should connect. Perhaps it is the OTHER end then; the other players might not have an open NAT, fast Internet speed, or BOTH.

i was playin in free mode a minute ago and as soon as a modder showed up i got put in a small area wrapped in a hippo life preserver thing so i left and went to try to find one that wasnt as bad and the whole mode was gone for me.

It's very possible that the original server you were playing on was frozen by the modder. I don't know to the extent of what happens after someone tries to join a frozen lobby, so I'm not one-hundred percent sure of the effects. Most likely though, two things occur: 1) You get frozen upon entering said lobby or 2) You are denied access to the [now] frozen lobby.

I agree with Legend, modders have a lot to do with games not loading correctly etc. ALSO when modders spawn a lot of cars it causes the games to lag too, so that could be the problem. Modders are everywhere and almost in every free mode server that is open.







Good luck out there!

This is what exactly happens to me. Ill hear people talking and then ill cet disconnected.

Check your NAT. If it's STRICT or MODERATE, this may be the reason. You need to have an OPEN NAT to be able to connect the easiest.

If you hear people talking and get disconnected before you can play a few things are wrong.

Your having issues with the server.

Your getting put in a game that has been frozen or a lot of mods spawned stuff causing the game to fail loading and kicking you out.

NAT type is fighting with someone else, it has to be Open or it will fight and even sometimes you still will have issues.

Your connection is really slow, best way to test this is to get in a freemode (host one) then us the guns on the Chopper and look for lag in your shots, and when they land (easiest to taste with the exploding rounds)

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