Can't connect to ea servers

Are the servers down because i keep getting a message saying failed to connect to ea online. Please try again


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I get this all the time, it's generally because I haz bad ethernet cables and a half broken Modem. :S Sign out, sign back in, if that doesn't work, then reset your st00f. Try again. (turn the console off this time and start up). Oh and make sure you use the quick match option.

can anyone PLZZZXZZ help me my Xbox won't let me sign into EA

take it as a blessing, even EA doesn't want you to play this crap. BFBC2 servers are fine and generally full.

Zombie obviously can't hang with the real pros on BF3. So sad. I remembered when he used to be a good player. :)

dude you never messaged me back like 2 weeks ago.

They're being moved to the MoH game