Can't connect to China Rising or Second **** servers.

Up front I should say that I just got an Xbox One the other day and I'm still figuring it out, but I don't think this is related. On my 360 I could play China Rising maps no problem, well at least no more problems than usual for BF4, lol. I installed China Rising and Second **** on my Xbox One, and tried to play the Second **** maps because they were my favourites from BF3, but I couldn't connect to the servers. I just got a window telling me to check my network connection. I did and it's fine. I thought I'd try connecting to a China Rising map, since I haven't tried them since getting my Xbox One, and had the same issue. I could still connect to the servers running the regular maps that come with the main game, just not the expansions. I have a "Premium" subscription if that makes a difference. Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know of some potential causes?

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Xbox one has been plagued with issues, even worse than 360.

I bought both dlc packs and can't connect to anything whatsoever,   it's a joke...

Biggest loss of money I have ever spent on a game and got nothing I was promised and no help from EA only the runaround.

I have not got china rising on my 360 let alone Second Assault LOL. BF4 is a joke over 100$ and nothing but the runaround from EA support I need the CEO's e mail to show him all the times I have tried to get help from EA. The last guy told me there was nothing more he could do for me.