Can't buy yearly premium subscription

Last night, I popped in the Solitaire Collection for the first time in awhile and tried to buy the yearly premium sub for $9.99.   Every time I tried it came back and told me it can't process the payment and to try again later.  Is this an on-going issue?  It doesn't give me an error code.  Thoughts?  Ideas?


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me too

I've been having the same problem with trying to buy the monthly pass. Why won't you take my money???

Actually I think I figured it out.

I usually use credits to buy stuff from Windows store, and I noticed I didn't have a credit card selected as a backup. Once I added a credit card it worked. Hope that helps.

^^  I'll give that a try.  I have no problems purchasing games, DLC, and the monthly sub for Minesweeper, but it won't let me buy it for Solitaire.   I added paypal as a backup option, and I'll try it again tonight.

@Fadi -- Thanks man!  That did the trick.  Once I added Paypal as a backup payment, it allowed me to buy the yearly sub.  No more ads!!!