Can't adjust Accelerated Clock in Franchise Mode

Alright having the accelerated clock is perfectly fine since I can adjust to the setting to what I like.  In Franchise Mode you cannot adjust this and that is BS.  There is at least a 15-20 run off of the clock in Franchise Mode games.   Having to possibly play longer games just to even out the playing time is crap.  There needs to be an immediate fix on this so that we can adjust the accelerated clock to the gamers liking, not what EA things is best for us or the game.


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I agree, I hate accelerated clock

When playing a game go to settings. and you should be able to change it there.

Yes I know in a regular game you can turn it off or adjust it.  In Franchise Mode you cannot turn it off or adjust it.  The accelerated clock is locked in Franchise Mode.

yup seems that way.  I thought when I turned it off in my settings it would turn it off for franchiase, but no luck.  If I knew that I would have made the quarters longer