Can't access DLC in-game

I just downloaded the Meguiar's car pack & for some reason, even though it's fully purchased & downloaded, the game can't detect it - or any other DLC for that matter. To date, I have picked up every bit of DLC that FM4 has offered & now I can't access it! If I try to use any DLC car, even those from disc 2 (which ARE installed), it simply asks me if I want to go to the marketplace to download it or to insert disc 2 to install it. I have tried both & it still won't work. I even cleared my system cache hoping it would fix the problem & I STILL can't access the cars I have paid for. Another minor issue I'm having is after I download any car pack, the game often fails to "update" the menus & returns me back to the main menu - I think it might be related...

Why is the game doing this to me & how can it be resolved?


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Hello Galactic, I would uninstall the game completely from the hard drive including the add-ons, clear the cache, then reinstall it and see if that fixes it.


When you re-install everything start with disc 2, then do disc 1, then do your add-ons. You can set up all your add-ons via your account on the xbox live web site and put them in the queue for download. I find it easier that way if I'm doing something like this and have a lot of DLC.


Once you have done all of that. Boot up the game and go to the in-game Marketplace. From there you should be able to check and see if all the files were added. Click on each one and make sure the little tag in the upper right corner says purchased, if it doesn't you can re-download from there.


BTW, what model Xbox are you using, Original or Slim? and What size hard drive is it?