Can you still get/use modded sheilds/guns?

and if so, could someone hook a ninja up? :D

I'm looking to only use them during tough boss fights while playing solo.


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Take a look at the Code of Conduct (Don't do the following:)


 "Don't cheat in a game unless cheats have been deliberately enabled."


Mods are considered a cheat since they are deliberately created to exploit the game.


In other words, since it is against the Code - using them can get you banned.

they are  still out there and you shouldnt use them  the game is more fun doing it as gearbox intended  

More and more cheaters

there r alot of moddeds weapons out there n im not goin to lie i hav a few that r cool n some ngame weapons that r good but the stock modded weapons i keep just to shut lil kids up n snd them on there way lol

i have lost count of all the playthroughs with all the DLC i have done in this game,i've put in hundreds of hours of play time, all done with no modded weapons.but if i got my hands on some modded weapons now i would give them a try

Sorry bud, that's not how it works.

I hear that excuse all the time, "I have beat the game legit, so that gives me the right to fill my backpack up full of hacked, crappy items".

No, doesn't cut it. All it does is make a you a noob.

I know not to join Your game, Citadel Guard.

i've only played online a few times so you would find it very hard to get into my game bud

If only all the cheaters mainly played in single player....

That would actually make online tolerable.

: )

i have not even got any hacked weapons and your calling me a cheater lol.

i hate cheaters in pvp game modes, you cant put me in the same groop as them just because i said i would try a hacked weapon in single player mode

i think its funny... that your called a noob for using a modded gun... you know i can hit a 6000 with a gun i found in game. Theirs over 500 million guns.... so becouse i can one hit most monsters in concidered a hacker.... thats like saying im a level 69 and i can one hit a skag so im a hacker. Dont judge people on how they want to play the game.. I have some accounts i cheated and i have some i played lagit doesnt make me a hacker. so ChrisPBaken im avoid your game cuz your like the cops MODDED GUN REPORT OR KICK HIM/

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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