Can you save title defense mode?

I find it hard to believe that you are expected to play 100 games in a row


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The fights get harder as well.

i got to fight 26 just for the achievement.

to answer your question,no you can`t save.

so, you played 26 in a row?

Yup i did exactly the same as Owen as well an it has to be in one sitting no save option,took me roughly 2 hrs to do.

yes,the first 10-15 are easy first round ko`s,they then get a bit more difficult as you go on.

i really didn`t try getting further than i needed.

that is just stupid

If you could save the game you could just reload when you lost,so it stops you from cheating.

well make it save after every 5 fights or something

I didn't think it was a bad idea it was bit of a challenge that made a good difference as most fighters that have ladders allow you to save an come back at a later date.

I under stand not every one will/does like it this way thou as its different from the norm :- \

This mode has to be the biggest waste of time ever. I got to my 24th fight and thiago silva flash KO's me. I get nothing in return for winning 23 fights. If it had saved halfway i would have been happy.

You get loads of shop points if you complete tasks as you go.