Can you play the classic 2D version only?

Hey guys, can you play the classic version only and not that new 3D junk? I downloaded the demo and the classic version reminded me a lot of the old sega days but that new version is horrible!!!


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no-each level has 2 acts;1 for classic sonic and 1 for modern sonic

The demo does -not- make justice to Act 2, since it's arguably the least open level etc.

Wait until you see Act 2 of the Sonic Heroes level, it's awesome.

And of course Act 1 (Classic Sonic) is always fun too.

You can but its recommend to play both to experience the full game. Modern sonic rooftop run and city escape are amazing.

Sonic Generations is a celebration of 20 years of sonic not just the classic sonic games.

Sonic Generations is a celebration of 20 years of sonic not a celebration of the classic sonic games

Far from "junk".  

You can choose between modern or classic before playing a specific stage.  it's not forced on you.

I agree

In order to fully complete the level, you have to play both acts (Act 1 being classic sonic and Act 2 being modern sonic). I wouldn't call modern sonic's levels junk at all - you'll be able to bare it if you've played Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. I have to say that the last stage of modern sonic's levels is just annoying though.