can you go off on your own in anothers world?

or are you tied to what there doing. if bin kicked from the few iv tried to join. if its possible to join and just wander on my own and thrs anyone willing to let me do so please let me know.





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no only that region so you can explore a whole region on someone's world. for example lets say you where in brightwall you can go anywhere in brightwall except for the library because you need both players  to enter the door same goes for leaving the region. so its not like fable 2 where you follow the other player around the region. The only time its like that is entering a building like the brightwall library. so you get to free roam the region by yourself. you can stick with the other player if you want to.

I think you can only be in the area they are you dont have a choice.

Dont worry I keep getting kicked from games too! I dont understand WHY people accept others into their game if they are simply going to boot them 2 minutes later! Really annoys me