Can You Go Back?

I didn't discover what glyphs were until i was out of Florence.  will i be able to go back in later and get them?


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yep. you can travel to any of the cities after you have left them. however you can not redo memories. when you get to fly, kick a guard for the achievement.

Thanks for the tip :)

I think kicking the guard in flying machine is the only one where you must do it at that time, the rest any time.  

If you got the DLC, you can go up on the tower in Forli by the boats and use the Flying Machine at any time.

im just wondering abit everyone i talking about if you miss the flyswatter achievmenet.. cant u then just reload a chapter in the DNA sequence and then get the achievement (havent tried since i rented the game)

the same thing happened to me...guess I'll go around looking glitches and codes now

Yeah and when you complete the game once the credits are over you can still play as Ezio

What's the DLC?