Can Xbox One CoD Ghosts Players join games with Xbox 360 CoD Ghosts Players?

My son has an Xbox 360 and I have the Xbox One.  We both play CoD Ghosts but cannot play the game there something wrong with my Xbox One console, game or something else. if not a bug, when can we expect this to be resolved?


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 Xbox one cod ghosts is not compatible with the 360 version

Xbox One users cannot play with 360 users. This was never going to be the case, and you can never expect this to be resolved as it is not a problem. It is just the way it is. Sorry.

I don't understand all these post keep coming up with cross-platform play. It's like asking your DVD player to be able to play your friend's Blue Ray disc???  Different interface, and operating system and I'm thankful for it or we'd have to settle on dumbing down games to make them compatible with both systems...