Can someone post all sub zero's seven combos for me or just a couple it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm struggling to get better at this game. My record is 12 and 35 I know horrible i need combos to win can someone please help me im sick of losing i wanna do better i got the determation and the positive attitude to win at this game all i need is a little help. If anyone knows sub zero combos can you post them here thank you all and im praying to god that i find them god bless you all.


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Combos won't be the complete way to win, sadly. Just because you know a good set of them doesn't mean you'll win more, it just has more of a chance. That chance is based on landing the first hit and keeping up with the rest. I would suggest finding an opponent's weakness and exploiting it terribly to punish them. They don't block low nearly enough? Slide into them as many times as you can until they wise up. Perhaps follow through with a combo off that, if you can.


I would try to be of more help, but I'm not great with Subby at all, really. I don't know many of his combos other than in the move list. Maybe check the Kombo Thread here.

Um, I posted a kombo thread on here, which is like...4 threads down from yours. Click here. The Sub-Zero combos are on the second page of the thread.

Crap, I didn't even realize you already plugged my kombo thread until it was too late, Tenjin. XD

Haha, it's fine! Just more opportunities to click!

Hey, why not One more for luck!:)

Great thread by the way.^

Big combos won't always get you the win, most combos barely go over 50%, Sub zeros game is pretty much figuring out the next way to freeze the opponent and combo them.

If Sub zero isn't working for you could always main someone else.