Can someone please explain the prologue? (spoilers)

So I beat GTA V weeks ago but the whole Michael going to the FIB doesn't make sense to me. So basically what we see Michael, Brad and Trevor go rob a bank. Goes bad. Michael gets shot. Brad gets killed and Trevor escapes. Trevor moves on with his life and thinks Brad is in prison and Michael is dead. I just want to know what Michael's original plan was? Was it a trap for Brad and Trevor to get arrested or just Brad or what? That's what it seems like but then I don't know why Trevor would ever forgive Michael and not kill him after learning the truth. I also don't know why Franklin would continue to hang with Michael after it's known that he's a snitch.


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I think when that mission went awry, Dave and those other those other two shady FIB guys took this as an opportunity to blackmail Michael into doing some dirty work for them.  Trevor did detest Michael for the coverup of Brad's death.  He came close to killing him but he needed Michael's help for that last big heist and figured it would be best to let bygones be bygones.  As for Franklin, he took the risk of letting Michael take him under his wing despite Trevor's warnings because he felt it was worth it in order to get big paydays instead of the nickel and diming that hustling with Lamar would bring.

I was just wondering what the original mission plan was. All three get caught? Brad and Trevor get put away and Michael walks? I understand why Trevor would been angry over Michael lying about him being dead and Brad still being still alive but eventually forgiving him but if Michael had planned to sell Trevor completely out to the feds I don't know why Franklin or Trevor would even agree to do a final heist with him or even not kill him.

After the job went bad, Trevor got away, Brad was killed, and Michael was caught.  Michael was an infamous most wanted criminal, so the FIB faked Michael's death by switching him with Brad so they could be celebrated as taking down the infamous Michael and gain him as an informant on prior jobs and accomplices.  Michael did the deal to get a fresh start for his wife and two kids, though he would learn he didnt like living as a law abiding citizen.

Trevor is apparently not happy when he discovers the truth, but has a long history and also wants to use Michaels skills to profit.  Franklin wanted out of the gang hustles so latched onto Michael as a mentor, he also was not happy when he learned the truth, but had grown close to Michael and didnt want to give up the riches he had gained and go back to hustling.

This is the reason Franklin is giving a choice to kill Michael or Trevor for you to be the judge on who deserves it.

In the flashback prior to when Trevor digs up Brad you hear Michael telling Amanda pre robbery that he made a deal with the feds, that's what I'm wondering what that deal was. So you're saying it was to fake Michael's death?

Yea, they didnt really explain, but when Michael was talking to the FIB agent, they spoke of how big a deal it was for the agent's career to be the onethat killed the infamous michael.  They also talked about michael giving info in exchange for his fresh start.