Can someone help me with my sons question?

I don't play xbox myself but i have 2 kids 11 and 9 who have their own xbox 360 and xbox gold accounts. They both was watching good gamers (some game show talk thing on abc) both came out upset that they said that xbox 360 will nol onger have any games for xbox 360. I have no idea what was said on the show but both of them are telling me that i will have to buy them a xbox one? I tried to look online all i found was some ubisoft not making some games for the old xbox 360. Can someone clear this up for me will they still be able to have their xbox working and be able to go on gold and talk to all their school mates?


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The Xbox One was released in 2013 and more games are being made for that console only and not the 360. So if their friends have upgraded to the One, they will no longer be able to play with those friends and there will be some games they won't be able to play on the 360. The 360 itself will still be working for a while though.

thank you. No non of their friends have the xbox one as yet. My kids just like to play minecraft and skylanders as well as some lego games.

Most developers are about ready to stop making Xbox 360 (and PS3) games in order to focus more on Xbox One (and PS4). Microsoft might discontinue the Xbox 360 next year, but Xbox Live might still active until possibly 2018 or 2019. So maybe this christmas or whenever the Xbox One gets more games that appeal to your kids, maybe you can have them to upgrade to the Xbox One.

BTW, since your kids are 9 & 11 years old respectively, do you let them play T for Teen (which is 13 years and over) and M for Mature (which is 17 years and over) rated games?

There is no official word of when the 360 or ps3 support will end.

Anyone giving dates are just adding to the false rumours floating round the internet.

I'm only guessing THEOWENKILLER.