Can someone explain this to me

I was shooting a guy he went down into second chance with his primary but Treyarch said they patched it and its the Firing Range video in my fileshare


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"Rare circumstances"  -Treyarch

Can't you just upload it to youtube instead of asking for people to watch your fileshare.....

This happens all the time, they put it down to lag i guess. Its not but meh, MW3 and BF3 will be out soon so well have to put upt with it i guess.

How the hell am I supposed to look at your fileshare from here?

Yup, rare glitch, which I havent witnessed yet, but I have friends who have.

I used second chance pro for a while and have to admit that for some reason when i went down my primary stayed up for quite a few game, although saying this it wouldn't fire so it was probably just lag but hey ho i moved on and changed my perk!!! I don't get it and the explanation would probably warp my fragile little mind!!!!!

Yeah, noticed it twice the other day. Second chance/last Stand is an annoying perk.

I have encountered rare glitches like this, I have one that has happened to me on several occasions.  Using the olympia shotgun I have been in situations where I get in a close range battle with someone and I am pressing the trigger rather quickly and it shoots several times at least 3 to 4 times before I reload.  Even the guy I am shooting notices.