Can someone explain how the Blackreach elevators work?

I've made my way through one of the Dwarven ruins, and the elevator that returns me to the surface leads to the inside of a sealed area.  I can fast travel out of it, but there doesn't seem to be any way to use that same elevator to go back down, as there is no access door on the surface.  Am I missing something?


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Also, I accessed a door (elevator) for Raldbthar Market while in Blackreach.  It came out in a hallway that looked like a Dwarven ruin, but didn't seem to lead anywhere.  I thought it was supposed to come out somewhere in Skyrim, and could be used to access Blackreach?

There's a lever inside that "sealed area" that you can miss if you don't look for it. The lever opens the door to the outside world. Now, if you've fast travelled out of there (like I did before I knew better)  that means when you go back you can't take the shortcut down, you'll have to go all the way through the ruins again to reach Blackreach.

Cool, thanks.  I'll go back and look for it.  What about the raldbthar market?  Same thing... a lever someplace?

Man I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate Blackreach. Ever since my very first character eons ago did the whole thing ever since then if I've ever had to go in there I just charge straight for the quest marker and GTFO. Not interested in crimson friggin' plants or Soul Gem mining or any of the rest of the place. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate any place in any video game that's too dark to see who's killing me.


So I can only tell you how to get out of the place, if you want to explore it you need to ask another explorer.

lol...thanks for your honesty!  In all my 400+ hours prior to this, I'd only been to Blackreach once, and did just like you, GTFO.  However, I've been trying a pure Thief build as a Khajiit, and the night vision made a huge difference.  I actually stumbled across 31 Nirns without really looking hard, and was able to get the Sinderion perk.  But yeah, it's one of the most beautiful locations in the whole game...and just as deadly.  If I hadn't been a Stealth character, I wouldn't have visited as long.

Never did figure out why some of the elevators come up in a room with no door, but I was able to exit the one with the lever you described, and it's now open for me to go back.

On another topic, harvesting Falmer blood for the Discerning quest was quite a challenge for that build (I'm playing on Master).  In the end, I had to unleash one of those huge Dwemer mechs and let him chase me into a camp of Falmer.  They brought it down, but not without casualties :)

I still need to go back into Blackreach to kill the dragon in there.  Haven't had to go back in since I left for the main quest though.

Not to rain on your parade but the Blackreach Dragon (forget his name) was kind of the woosey of the Dragons. I nearly killed him with 2 shouts and when he landed he didn't really give much of a fight. I actually look forward to going down there. My sneak skills are high enough. There are actually 5 ways in and out. I'm pretty sure that if you push the button on the dwemer statue thing, the gate will stay open forever. The mzulnchalft or whatever it's called normally stays clear and open for me. Only a couple spiders each time and they don't like sparks. Then you can find the key to Mzulft and it will make a easy way in and out. I found that if I fast traveled right back after selling my loot the gates would still be open. I found 36 nirns and mined 18 soul gems with 3 Blacks. Very rich place!

Oh! I started down for the first time at level 12. Seems the Falmer must have all been sleeping that first time down. I remember another play that was much harder. Hint: Don't follow the yellow brick road. lol

My very first character did the whole thing, every inch, every crimson plant, every soul gem, every chest, killed everything.


That solved any Blackreach curiosity I had (and there wasn't much). Place just rubs me the wrong way - it's the dark. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaate stumbling around in the dark in video-games, it's hard enough keeping your bearings in there as it is, being open and all and the map not helping, then you stumble into somewhere where you can't see nothing but the black while something's spitting at you.


Subsequent characters I've been very relieved to know if you just head straight for the Quest marker you can blow through the place in minutes and that's good enough for me.


Pleeeeeeeeease Bethesda, no Blackreach DLC.

I thought Blackreach looked cool the first time I saw it. Any time after that when I went there I tried to get through it as fast as I could lol. Kudos to Bethesda for creating an awesome environment!

I get sick of the darkness. I currently run my game with the brightness maxed out. It actually makes the colors and textures look way better though.

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