Can someone answer my questions about Be A Pro Online

Hi there, me and my friends have played some games like Fifa Clubs which is essentially a online version of Be a Pro.

Last year we all decided to buy NBA 2k11 for the same purpose but where not happy when we found out that the online version lagged (great game though).

Now I was thinking about suggesting NHL for team play as the teams are smaller making it more likely to get a full team as well as defenders take part in the offense much more then in football.

There is an online Be A Pro made in this game but what is it called? Ok I have a few questions about it.

  1. Is it played at all, or does it not work well (lag or just no fair play)?
  2. Are there levels/divisions to ensure you play someone equally good?
  3. How does leveling up your player work? Can you always change his position/stats?
  4. How do Shifts work online? If there are fewer then 5/6 does the CPU control rest?

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It's one of the best sports or even the Best sports game out there. I don't play any others. So yes I'm one sided.

  • We haven't played it yet. it comes out on the 13th of Sep.
  • Last year was so bad. I'm hoping I can play against someone that that is equally as good. I'm not good at all. But I love the game and play it everyday. It bytes when I can't win a game.
  • Yes you can change your leveling / Position's
  • The AI players are always willing to sit out.

there are no shifts. you can have up to 6 players who play every minute of the game. if you have fewer than 6, the empty position will be filled with an AI player whose "skill" will most likely be suspect at best

There are divisions Elite, Pro and Amature, dont know how many times my club as amature played an elite team playoff champ.

The AI is a lot smarter this year for sure.

The one issues i have with the AI is the like to pull player down that have a break away