Can only seem to spawn on one squad member?

Hi guys,


wondered if you could help? Im in a squad with 3 friends, so 4 of us in total. Yet i can only spawn on one of my squad even though the other two are still alive and in the game? Is this a glitch or something i've done wrong?


It seems the only one i can spawn on is the squad leader? the guy with the star next to his name. The enemy haven't taken any of the bombs either so its not a case of not being able to spawn on squad mates because the map has moved.


Any help would be appreciated as this is annoying now :)


Cheers guys.


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are you sure your not defending and they are in the enemy spawn? or if they are both in a tank?

I'm pretty sure you can only spawn on the squad leader and the squad leader can spawn on any member of the squad. So if the squad gets wiped out but one member survives wait for the leader to spawn then spawn on him.


You can also spawn on radio beacons placed by the recon class.

Very sure.

We could all be stood next to each other, but if i die then i can only come back and respawn on the squad leader and not on any of the other players stood next to him.

Its not just me its happening to though.

You can only spawn on the squad leader in hardcore, if that's what you're playing.

Squad Leader as returned from BF2, It means the Squad Leader (Player with a star next to his GT) can spawn on anyone on his/her squad, but the other three players can only spawn on the Squad Leader.

Yeah im on hardcore, so that explains it. Bit of a chore though if the squad leader is a clown haha.

Cheers guys, much appreciated.