can only play 2 rounds before the lag starts help please !

hi , in the last couple of days we are having dramas playing more than 1 or 2 rounds as the lag starts and not just a little bit  . not sure if its to do with the recent updates . also when we do test multiplayer connection once this lag starts it says unable to finish multiplayer tests, 0x1fbf any help appreciated as getting really frustrated now .. spoke to an ambassador earlier who said they are people having problems like this and it maybe something to do with updates !! please help  


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I am having the same problem. I thought by buying the Xbox One we wouldn't have the same problem as Xbox 360. Totally frustrated now since the new update. Biggest rip off ever!!!

Cut the cord with this game.  It was the smartest move I've ever made.  

Yes the games matchmaking seems messed up getting matched with americans and even aussies im from uk seems to be since last update wonder why i bought season pass now want my money back!!!

Same prob 0x1fbf, a solution?


isnt what live is all about playing other people from around the world like we used to do in cod4, no lag at all in those days...used to luv playing against the americans and the women sound so se=xy, they were the great gaming the way since the update theres no lag on the 360, plays brilliantly online

@Spuds & Dual

In the network section of your settings - what is your download speed rated at after you run the test?

It isn't the xbox or the game, it's your connection. Get mommy and daddy to upgrade to a faster speed. That will fix you're problem!! Trust me, I was in the same boat til I upgraded my no problems....

You know topp. That has to be one of the most fandoi'ish answers I've red in a long time. You cant judge peoples lag issues based solely off of their connection speed. I myself have a t3 fire wired connection that pings extremely well with little to no packet loss at a server 500 miles away. Yet I still get extremely bad lag. True the lag compensation isn't nearly as bad as mw3...which was just plain stupid. Also It would help if they didn't throw you into matches with people in south america or Asia.

But upgrading your internet  will not give you more lag free game play. The compensation factor will dumb down your connection and make you feel 3 seconds behind everyone else. If you want proof of this, start streaming a high deff movie on Netflix while downloading with the same connection while doing this. You'll be in god mode.