Can never get a match

This is the only game I have that won't find a match, what it does do is cycle through 0-50 games and then disconnects from XBL. Mw2 worked online for me for about 1 week, that was after never working, and now back to never working. All the other COD's work no problem, this matchmaking has to be different?? IDK, Any ideas? This is the case with WIFI and connected directly to modem with Crossover cable. My connection seems fine, I mean it took next to no time downloading the waw mappacks, Confused and annoyed a bit

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That's strange. What gamemode do you search for?

Thanks for responding, I've tried Free for all and team death match. It's strange that it didn't work when i bought it, and by chance worked a few weeks ago (for a week), but back to not working and disconnect from XBL.

Team Deathmatch should work because it's generally the game mode with the highest population at all times. I've had a few instances where it takes me a few minutes to find a Domination lobby with enough people, but nothing too serious.

My friend had a similar problem, we couldn't really help him at all he just upgraded Internet.

I would reccomend upgrading unless maybe you can call your internet provider and see if you guys can run diagnostics test or something. 



I'll try that then, I'm on cable and get excellent speeds. I've checked which ports mw2 uses in case I want to go through my laptop, that didn't work. So next step, contact my provider, thanks

Ok, reset the modem with a match stick, found team deathmatch game, started to load and crashed, looked for DM, couldn't find anything, disconnect from xbl.