Can Moon EE be done a little out of sequence?

I was just wondering if anyone knew if  'big bang theory' could be done a little off sequence. For instance: Messing around a solo game, I teleported back to earth in like the 4th round and had the gersch device. So for the hell of it, I thru a grenade and knocked the plates of the shelf, then thru the gersch and teleported the plates back with me. So if you had a group going for the EE, and you were waiting for the excavator 6 to come down, could you already have the plates ready for that step ahead of time? And if someone had a QED, have them in place ahead of time?


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Yup. We just did that, you can get all the way up to putting the s pipe in the machine before excavator 6 appears.

Yes.  When we did it, we waited all the way until the four tubes popped up near the pyramid before we pulled the lever to reveal Samantha.  We then used the four 90 second Death Machines to aid us in filling up the tubes.  We also teleported the plates very early as well.  And everything went well.  Everyone got both achievements.