Can keep at 60 cards

Wow nice change!  May have missed this in the talk leading up to release but was pleasantly surprised to see you can keep deck set at 60 cards.  Looks like any card can be removed from the maindeck.  While not full deck editting this is certainly a nice addition.


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yeah this is definitely a huge deal for me. the biggest drawback to a lot of the decks (for me) from the old MTG:DotPW was that there were cards I didnn't want in a deck (didn't go with the deck strat I was building) but had to have them thus slowing down the decks play speed.

They most likely won't allow full deck editing, due to Wizards having their own game MTG: Online where you can do this at a price. While I do enjoy the current deck editing, a full version for deck building would've been nice.

Full deck-building would be cool, but it would ruin this game for any newcomers.  The card pool is too small to produce more than a couple good decks.

Even for me, I played Magic on and off for over a decade, and there's a reason why I don't play Apprentice or Magic Online anymore:  It's too much work, too much time building and testing decks.

Magic DLC will always be appealing as long as the decks are balanced and the Expansions stay coming!


I cant wait for the expansions this game is two years behind in cards. New Phyrexia cards are very powerful.

I like how the deck editting decission, basicly you have full control over the cards you have within a desk. Allows for enough variation and tactics without the overpowering decks that would be created with full cross deck editting. You want cross editting -> MTGO is the way to go. Personally I always like the formats in MTGO where you had to build with what was given tournaments best (got expensive real fast though).

Will never be on par with existing blocks.  At most the prior game had a few cards from the current block.  Doubtful there will be more than a few from current block if any at all.

Is anybody annoyed by the new OST? kinda freak compared to the nice songs that were on the planeswalkers edition.

Yeah the OST gets a bit dull after a while.

I think they have this game balanced just right, if i wanted full deck customisation, i'd go and play the real card game, but those days are long gone, this console version is quick & easy and doesn't turn you into a Trekkie. LOL