Can I turn off the game "Goal" tool bar on bottom of screen?

Today, while playing Mahjong, I noticed that the GOAL toolbar that describes the Daily Challenge game goal for that particular challenge was no longer there across the bottom of the screen after the challenge was started. It was minimized, so to speak, to a small block on the left side of the page that said "Goal", but nothing else. I clicked on it and it expanded to the full length of the bottom of the screen. Boy, do I wish I would have left it alone, because now I cannot get it to go back. I'm now playing Taptiles and realize how wonderful it would be if I could get the toolbar to minimize, especially in the Daily Challenge mode where I am handicapped to a mouse and trying to win the expert modes. With a mouse, it's so difficult to win the Tunnel games because of that toolbar being there at the bottom of the screen. Can you tell me how to minimize it? I know it can be done, but I can't make it happen. I've even removed the games and reloaded them, just to see if it's a setting. Thanks! Gamegirl Kate

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This is an older question, so let me know if it's still not resolved. Thanks! =)