can i still do a 2nd playthrough of knoxx?

I downloaded knoxxs armory 2 days ago and rushed through all main story quests up to defeating knoxx yesterday and now the entire zone scales to my level (60) which is what I wanted. But I just realized when I beat it I had playthrough 2 loaded...does this mean I cannot go back and do all the main story quests again? My goal was to do all the quests there when I was Max level or close to it in order to get the best drops. Please tell me I haven't screwed myself.

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Now I am also worried that I am only going to get one additional talent point reward from the Underdome  since there are a total of two, one for each playthrough.  I am confused could someone please set me straight?  I wanted to post this in the gearbox forums but I registered there two days ago and still haven't received an activation email lol.  I have searched and searched numerous forums to find an answer as well :(

I'm not sure what you're asking but... you should be able to do the Main Game (Fryestone) quests in PT2 if you haven't already done them.  The Underdome in PT1 and PT2 also and get the skill points.