Can I sell or barter?

 I've picked up some items I cant use yet or don't need. Is there anywhere I can sell them ? I've been to traders but they only sell. Is this all done while stoking the fire?

S**T this game is hard, but I keep coming back to get killed again........ and again.......and......well you know the rest.



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no, u cant

No you can't sell but you can drop them and there's a chance they will become vagrants in another players game.   drop them in difficult spots to make it more difficult.   I've heard but not for sure there is also a guy that will ask for your unused weapons but he won't give you anything for them doing so is supposed to also put vagrants in another persons game.


not sure why people have told you that you cant sell items, it just requires progressing the story, eventually youll meet a big serpent looking head guy, as part of the story, maybe when you ring the 2 bells, you can "feed" him items in return for souls, aka selling.

Ok - good to know.

That'll be next March then at this rate!!  

Haha, that's how I feel being completely new to the game. Got up to the Gargoyle but that's it after 8 hours.