Can I play my RB songs on two different Xbox's??

Is it possible?

I have a Xbox lets call it Xbox (A) It has several hundred songs that I have exported and downloaded.

Can I transfer the songs on to Xbox (B) which has a different profile name? Yet still be able to play the songs on Xbox (A)?

is there any way to do this? Can I log into Xbox (B) using my profile from Xbox (A)? Would this help?

Thanks guys!!! 


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Each piece of DLC has 2 licenses. One tied to the Xbox it was bought on and one tied to the Gamer Tag it was bought with. As long as one of the licenses is being used then you can play the song.

so as long as you have the GT the songs were bought on on a different Xbox then the songs were bought on it is possible. but that GT will need to be connected to Xbox Live in order for it to work.

Great thanks!

How do I do it? once I have my original GT on the new xbox, do i have to re-download all the songs on to that xbox?

or do I have to do a file transfer using HDD transfer cable?

Just re-download them and it should work.