Can I get my money back....

The game is still not finished. The selection of cars and tracks is marginal compared to its competitor on a older system. There was nothing new added to the game except three tracks (but i did notice a large absence of tracks that should have been included). Hey turn 10 and Dan greenwalt your vs of Mario cart stinks and you killed your game ...proven by Adam Sessler liking it ... Funny how you act like polyphony did when they were on the top .... Guess that's why they sold more units on a older system ... Hollar when you bring something new, stop being greedy and leaving content out the game that used to ship with it, and make what made the game great to begin with ( multiplayer ) work correctly. Marketplace work? Nope .....can you create a room so randoms can join ( great way to me great racers cause if they sucked or raced dirty you had boot power)? Nope.... Ummmm auction house??? Nope ... Clubs/clans???? Not a chance .... What worked then?

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We are aware of the issues and Turn10 and its staff will come forward with an official statement once they've finished counting money.

In this topic: ignorant trolls that know nothing.

1) Selection of cars and tracks is more limited versus GT because this is a current-gen game starting fresh on new hardware while GT is a last-gen game with less-detailed tracks and cars as well as almost all content imported from PSP or PS2.  Forza went with quality while GT sacrificed quality for quantity.  It still has more cars than just about any racing game; in fact, several times more than most racing games.

2) Sold more units on an older system?  Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound?  Of course it will sell more.  One has sold a few million consoles while PS3 sold tens of millions.  There's countless times more potential customers.  Further, GT always sold more, entirely because of the name despite spotty quality.

3) "Counting money?" Turn 10 is counting debt.  They spent tens of millions making the game and got about $15 million or so from sales.  Developers get about $12 to $15 per new copy sold and $0 per used copy.  Last I saw, sales were maybe a million copies.  They have to sell way more than that just to break even.  DLC is a way to help recover losses, but trolls and kids won't quit sobbing about it.

I wanted to follow up on this for days but Microsoft forgot how to make forums work.

My figure of a million or so units sold was way off.  It was based on the number of players who played the game.  Evidently sales are more like half a million.  So, they've made something like $6 million, which is nowhere near the tens of millions spent making it.

Any other comments about Turn 10 counting their heaps of cash?

Debt falls within the same lines as money does. You either have some, have none or owe some.

Don't take what I said out of context. Make your own statements and take those out of context, not mine.

Take your ignorant trolling elsewhere, Iceman.

You've got me curious, Iceman.

Don't happen to have any links to any articles that mention a certain Turn10s debt?

Tom - This was a lame discussion to start with and your continued attempts to goad further responses from Iceman is the definition of trolling.

Let it go.

Very well put Crunch.

No trolling from me on this one, guys.

Crunchy, Fryballs, lets stick to the subject.

If you don't want to be involved, then you need not come here and post.

I'm trying to have a discussion with Iceberg here. He has mentioned some debt and I want to learn more about it.

I know about debt. I have a mortgage and two car payments.  :-(

But, one of those two cars, my car, is a 2012 Mustang.  :-)

p.s. Does your sig mean we CAN get blood from a turnip?

Tom I don't get why you use so many accounts to post with. Stick to one and maybe people would be more willing to have a decent conversation with you.

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