Can I change My Romance Option?

So In ME 1 I didn't romance anybody,ME 2 I romanced Tali and wanted to extend it into ME 3,but I screwed up and did the Kiss scene with Liara.I didn't know Tali who come back into the picture (lol)

So I was wondering,At some point in the game,can I let Liara Off,and pick things back up with tali?


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It depends on whether you've 'locked' Liara in as your love interest. If I remember correctly you are specifically asked on the Presidium by Liara if you want to continue with the romance, if you say yes then you are locked in.

Liara does ask that on the Presidium but I am unsure at how far into the game that happens tho i think that its fairly later into the game from what I remember I met her there quite a few time there before our relationship was talked about it.