Can I change my controller setup?

This is my first time playing Battlefield, the controls is setup for tactical playstyle (BF3 Beta), can I change it to what Im used to playing? I want my controller to be setup just like call of duty. Can anyone help me with my setup? thank u.


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this isn't Call of Duty


shouldn't play like Call of Duty

lrn 2 adapt

dont wanna start to flame.. but since 3 hits will kill you in this game...  you actually SHOULD play tactical.. I suggest you leave it this way.

I've played both default and tactical in CoD, and from experience, tactical is easiest in Battlefield. BTW, Tupac spelled Machiavelli wrong...

[quote user="A Foam Football"]

 BTW, Tupac spelled Machiavelli wrong...

[/quote]and i'm sure he meant to...

Thanks for the input everyone! Now Im glad I have to use tatical. BTW my name has nothing to do with Tupac, try and Google the book "The Prince". Than Read it!

All I wish was to be able to get melee to B as it's been in all my shooters :(