Can I buy "Call of the Dead" without having LIVE?

I saw there are a few new ZOMBIE maps for Black Ops that i'd love to play.......Acension has Shng-li-ri or something like that and Excalation has Call of the Dead.  I don't have LIVE (can't afford it), but I'd love to get these new ZOMBIE maps.  We play Kinder der toten and Five with System Link and have a blast with it.  I saw Gamestop has these maps via digital, but I have no idea how that works, or does that only work if you have LIVE?  Can these new Zombie maps be bought at a store?                  

If not in a store, is there a way to take my XBOX 360 and just plug it into the internet and buy these maps, or do I have to be a paying LIVE customer?            




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Yes you can, just connect to the internet and download them. You can play them offline, and you can be a silver to do so.

I have never been on LIVE so I do not know how to even get on there.  Do I just plug my 360 into the internet and connect to LIVE through the 360?  How do I sign on?  I do not have a LIVE account that I know of, so do I have to register, even though I don't have LIVE?  If I happen to get onto LIVE, where do I go to purchase these downloads?  How much do they cost?  Thanks for all your help........I know I sound stupid about this.

Also, will these downloadable maps ever be made into a disk that can be purchased at a retail store?      

You can recover the account you used to access the forums since it is already an xbox live account or create a new account through your xbox. (With the xbox live account creation system make sure your xbox is connected to the internet.)  The map packs cost 1200 ms each and you can find them in the marketplace section on the dashboard or even here at (click) All you need is to have your xbox connected to the Internet through a highspeed connection and have Microsoft points available to make the purchase.

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As far as I know, you cannot download content with a silver account. I may be wrong though.

That could be right. Sometimes they do xbox live gold exclusives dlc downloads for a period of time and let the silver/free members download dlc at later date. I forgot to mention that.  

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As far as I know, you cannot download content with a silver account. I may be wrong though.

[/quote]Wrong. You can't download anything from Marketplace without connecting to live no matter if you are gold or silver , but you can download content with silver account or Gold  connected to live.