Can Game Marketplace Please Team Up With "Gary's Mod" And Release A "Trouble In Terrorist Town" Arcade Game?

If Anyone Thinks That Trouble In Terrorist Town Looks Like A Fun Game Lets Make This A Big Topic In The Community, And If You Dont Know What TTT Is Look It Up On YOUTUBE Alot OF The Most Famous Youtubers Play It Such As HUTCH(Machinima Director), SeaNanners(Machinima Director),UberHaxorNova,EatMyDiction, The List Goes On And On, Its Very Popular And Looks Very Fun To Play But Its Only Available To PC Gamers, Can Somebody Team Up With Garys Mod, And Make An Arcade Game, Or At least An Indie Game??


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There are so many reasons why this won't happen.

Garry Newman is one man, I'm pretty sure he developer the mod alone and has been doing if for 6 years; porting it Xbox 360 would take along time.
The game itself wouldn't control well Xbox 360.
The game wouldn't even run well on Xbox 360.
There would be no mod support for it.
He is able to update the PC version regularly through the Steam platform, he cannot to do this on Xbox.
You cannot host massive stable servers on Xbox 360.
The list could go on....

Also you spelt his name wrong, it's Garry not Gary.  Do yourself a favour and buy yourself a PC, because there are loads of great mods for different game's, not just Garry's mod.


Instead of making a terrible port why not just get Steam(it's free) and wait for a sale? Garrys Mod has been like 2-3 bucks before, that's chump change.