Can anyone talk me down?

I know most of you have god-like powers and maxed everything (or at least that's the impression I have) so maybe you don't remember what the first play through felt like at low levels. I'm about to throw in the towel for a while. I'm back to level 24 and though a different flavour of elf, I'm still a mage. My stats are not dramatically different and, though I tried to be more efficient in my leveling, I don't feel much stronger or better off. I went to the cave with the coral claw and there is nothing to fight inside until the boss who is a named wraith equivalent to a Draghr Deathlord (I think) and he wiped me out. That I didn't have enough potions with me is no excuse, I was just a wuss. I feel like I did in FF X (and I quit that one too), I can't seem to get strong enough fast enough. The guide is no help either since it lists the dungeons I've tried at under level 10. I don't think destruct is that broken, I think it's me. I was going to start again and just spend the low levels raising stats fighting conjured zombies or mudcrabs but I have just lost heart. I don't want to be a warrior, my archery is leveling well, as is my destruct. I'm at apprentice difficulty. Does anyone have anything useful to say?


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I would say leave the cave that you're in and try to level up and get your skills up.You have yourself in pickle hear,cause you really dont want to work at leveling or conjuring.You have to work hard to get strong!

Well....that's why I designed my character to be a battle-mage.  Being just a mage is really hard because it takes soooo long to get really powerful spells.  You'd have to use destruction magic against 2 million bunnies to level up to be anything stronger than a skeever in battle.  I'm not sure what to suggest.  Maybe focus on enchanting the heck out of your bows and wearing enchantments that both protect you and allow you to do more damage with your bows.  Also, POTIONS.  They would help a lot. Once you get past about 70 in Alchemy, you would have some pretty powerful potions with you in those caves.  Also, do you have a follower??  Maybe you need a follower that does more hand-to-hand combat to even things out a little.  

Thanks, Mantis, I'm not against leveling, I have played FF after all. In the Dunmer build, I have been working on alchemy/enchant a lot and stop mostly when I run out of ingredients. I have a soul trap bow and though not strong it has gathered lots of wolves and some bears and cats. The only followers I could use are Lydia or J'Zargo though the elf or bard in Riverwood is easy to get also. I haven't really tried a follower since I figured I would just kill them myself (I have a lot of assaults and none of them are deliberate). I guess I'll go enchant things and make stop/paralysis/invisible potions. I'm only now beginning to see better bows and I still haven't found the bound bow spell (though that can't be enchanted of course) and poisons do work. I was thinking a frost damage bow with stamina poisons would be a good basic bow, what do you think?

I can best advise for a Warrior... I never was a great Mage.


I'll try at some point later though but above all else, if you really aren't feeling it at the moment, take a bit of a break. Skyrim's a great game but you can very easily overplay it and that isn't ever really enjoyable.

I have three characters that I use. My archer is maxed out (used that book cheat) and completed the main quest and civil war quest. I am trying to do as much as possible with him. My warrior is working on the companion quests with a little work in the main quest (just enough to get the shouts started).


My third character is a mage, much like yours. I have worked the magics on wolves and crabs as much as possible to level them up. I want him to be a master of the magics, but it takes time. I have just stood there while a crab pinched me with joy in its eyes only suddenly blast it with fire when my light armor leveled up. The best thing I can say is to just keep at it, but avoid places you have not been, at least early on. If you know that golden claw cave has some weaker enemies in it, run through it until you hit a transition door. Then, turn around and go back to Whiterun and sell off the loot, disenchant any magic times, and make some more potions and daggers. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Being a Pure Mage is tough. I would recommend going to the Mages College first if you haven't yet done so before doing any other storyline. You don't need to finish the mages college quest line if you dont want to (I haven't) just get in and get enough "education" to get you rolling.

You get some nice equipment with some good bonuses. And there are certain sequenses in that story line the will really boost your destruction rating fast.

In the early levels I would always equip the Stoneflesh or IronFlesh spell to boost my armor rating. Using Ward spells was a big help as well.

Just try and stick with it. I'm a level 47 mage now and once you hit the expert level magic, it will all be worth it.

The quote from Galadriel (LoTR) comes to mind while I'm yeilding such awesome power. :)

“Instead of a Dark Lord, you would have a queen, not dark but beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Tempestuous as the sea, and stronger than the foundations of the earth! All shall love me and despair!”

Good luck.

Yeah I can see where your coming from, I started to work on my mage but for some reason got bored, seemed like it took forever to level up yet I killed so many people easily game. I just switched to an Orc and liking him much more, I seem to level way faster especially in block and heavy armor.

I remember when i first played this game i was a battle mage and it was not for me so i just finished the story and made a new character, Weapon Master. love this class.

You can sense when you're not strong enough for a certain mission (i.e. getting killed 4 or 5 times despite reloading and trying different tactics each time).  That's when you turn around and leave. Go somewhere safe for some R&R. Check your menu and try a different quest. It's happened to us all.  Come back and beat it when you're stronger.

If you can get your illusion level to 90. The perk master of mind which illusion allows illusion spells to work on deadra,and the undead. All i did was cast rou on him,and he was running away from me while i shot him from behind with fireballs. You could easily get your illusion level to 90 very fast by just casting muffle over and over,hope this helps :).

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