Can Anyone Please Help Me - EURO 2012 Won't Work..

Alright people, Can you please help me. I have paid for and downloaded EURO 2012 and when I go to play it, it says I have the trial version. Can anyone tell me why this is the case? I'm really frustrated as I was so excited about playing this! :( Many thanks.

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It happens to lots of people. Just go to the in game option to download the DLC again (don't delete and download the DLC - takes too long) and choose buy. It'll take about 5 seconds to download something to your XBox that tells you it's not the tiral version and you'll be up and running again.

I had the same problem over and over again. I found that rather than exiting to dashboard or powering off the xbox when in the DLC to exit back into FIFA and power down/exit from there. That seemed to help, though I still had the issue occasionally.

Good luck.

Just to follow up on what I wrote. You will NOT be charged again!

Thanks very much for your help mate, appreciate that :)