Can anyone help?

I've been working on a map in forge for a while I'm 95% sure I got the layout of the map done. But for some reason I suck at placing spawns and weapons. When I place them I just either make the map one sided or the spawns are terrible.


So I'm wondering if anyone wants to help me with Weapons and Spawn Points.


Slight overview of the map

Part of the map

Another part





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Nice! I'd help, but I can't play Xbox For a while.

   The map looks pretty good. I will be on this weekend and would be happy to give you hand.


    The best thing to do is set up some spawn points/weapons and then play a few rounds. Then you can see where the choke-points are and if any weapons are too overpowered for it.

did someone say forge? I become sumwut of a neatfreak but thats mainly just on my maps. I could clean up abit if you feel it's lacking in the "around the edged" department lol. send me a FR