Can anyone clairfy?

I was hoping someone could give me more of a definitive answer on whether or not your points/kills etc. count towards you overall stats and rank even if your game either crashed mid game, you get booted mid game or you leave the game before the end.

My xbox is likely to crash a few times in this game and i was curious as i've gotten about half the yes' as i am no's. I'm sure the tags count and i noticed on hardcore the saving icon comes up regularly but not in core.

So does anyone know for sure?


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All I know is not long ago I got a gold star on the weapon I was using during the game and my xbox froze and when I rebooted I still had the gold star on the weapon. As long as it saves during the game it saves your overall stats.

As long as an event triggers the Auto-Save (Defend M-Com/ Attack M-Com or such), the Stats from that point stay.

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As long as an event triggers the Auto-Save (Defend M-Com/ Attack M-Com or such), the Stats from that point stay.


Do you have a source for that, or is it just according to your experience? Far as I know, the "saving" icon only means it's saving the loadouts for your kits. If the server you're playing on crashes, the stats towards guns or classes don't save, but your total score, kills, pins, etc. will usually be saved, as well as "kills to next star". So if you get 5 kills with a gun you have 100 kills so far, your kills to 2nd star will be 95, but the gun's kill count remains at 100 instead of 105. That is, only if the server crashes --> and that's not the same thing as your Xbox crashing. Leaving the game shouldn't normally have any impact on saving stats either.


For example I have 69714 total kills, but only 67658 kills for all the individual classes combined. So that's about 2000 kills missing due to servers going down in the middle of a game.

Xtabay what about the vehicle kills? You might have 2000 kills combine from that.

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Nah it doesn't work like that, if I'm in a vehicle for example as assault and get a kill, it counts as an assault kill (though the _score_ actually does go into vehicle score). Besides, I have over 7000 kills with tanks alone, so...