Can anyone advise best work out for really unfit person

Need something gentle to build up with.  Tried a routime last week and it was too much for me after having operations last year and been on serious medication.


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As a really unfit person myself, I found the Low Impact Fat Blaster (Rapid Results Fat Burner series) the easiest to keep up with. Then again, even all of the shorter ones expect you to keep up with the trainer in a cardio pace for at least 10 minutes. Operations/medication can be a whole different ballgame than just being a unfit person getting into exercising. Don't force anything.

Try any of the 10 minute series. If some of the exercises are too much for you, don't be ashamed to drop in and out of the workout. Just put in all the effort that you can.

Every so often try the longer workouts. MOSSA for example have a main program and other trainers showing you low impact versions of the exercises. Keep water and a towell handy and take a few seconds out when you need it.

Thanks for the replies.  It's great we get all these exercise vids for free

Check with your doctor before you start working out. I am very unfit ; just did the Jillian Michael's Kick box Fast Fix . It's 20 minutes , which sounds like not much , but if you give it your all , it really does get the heart pumping. Good Luck.

Would love if Xbox would publish the full insanity workout instead of a link to their site. Would be handy to have it digitally on the Xbox .

I dont know how unfit you are or how your operations you had affect you but I would say doing P90X or Insanity but doing low weights or going at your own pace and eventually you will get better. Thats the whole point of working out. You may start not knowing anything or how to do much or even being able to stay "in the game" for long but after a while you will gain strength and stamina.

But like I said I don't know the full extent of your background. Just do what YOU can do. =)

I would try the Mossa Fight Workouts. They have 3 trainers on stage. The main trainer guiding you through the routine is doing the most intense version of the movements, while the other 2 trainers behind him have less intense variations of those moves.

Also know that you can always "pause" the workout by saying "Xbox pause". You can use that to catch your breath and see what your heart-rate is (you have to stand really still in front of the Kinect for 10-20 seconds for it to read your heart-rate). Cool down, drink some water, then say "Xbox play" and the workout picks up where you left off.

My advice, start out slow, get to know the routines, and take it easy the first few times you do it. You'll get a low score, but each time you do the workout you'll get better and better at it and increase your score each time. Part of the fun in Xbox Fitness is beating  your best Fitness Points score in the routines and single sessions. It really motivates you to push yourself more each time.