Can anybody tell me how to do that lighting fast quick turn...

i see a lot of players that can, for example, roll away from a enemy then go into a direction with the camera already adjusted to that direction how is that done, im not refering to the normal pressing A to roll an then using yo left stick to chose the direction because that doesnt completely adjust you to your direction it slowly does, hopefully this is understandable enough


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Double tap?

ive did double tapping the A it still doesnt work, maybe its something im doing wrong, ive double tapped A an pointed in the direction i wanted to go into i still get that delayed turn not the instant

The method you described in the first post is right. After you roll you just hold A in the direction you wanna go. I've been doing it since Gears 1.

see the movement im referring to is almost like an increase in speed when its performed

Press the left stick in the direction you want to go and then press and hold A.

The aboves are pretty much all spot on.  Just do your roll/roadie run and before you finish the roll part start holding the movement stick in the direction you would now like to go.  I've been doing this forever and didn't realize it wasn't something everyone tried.  Good luck to you sir.

Double tap A then hold is how I do it.

Ive did all the above like a million times lol! i still have that same type of run style, thanks for all the help everyone