Am not a fan of campers myself although I wanted to make sure I had the right idea.


1. What's the difference of a sniper & a camper?

I Personally would think this maybe a hard one to judge.

2. Is sitting in your base on capture the flag or similar game modes and defending camping?

The statement above is what I believed to be allowed. In that, if you're in your own base on a capture the flag or protecting a bomb in domination etc. then that would not be classed as camping. If however, I was sitting in the random spot of the map with nothing to defend and I'm waiting for people to run past then that I would say is camping.






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I dont think any obvious defense of an objective should be qualified as camping. In fact, I dont believe being in a position to stagnate the enemies approach to the objective should be qualified as camping.  I also wouldnt qualify a sniper as a camper. That is there purpose regardless of how annoyed someone becomes at the tactic. I am a camper, and I will tell you what I do. I find a well traveled area, locate a position that minimizes my visibility, proceed to trap the area with equipment, and only move when explosives or imminent danger approaches. I am a camper. That also goes for sitting in a "random" spot performing the same activity.

I generally call people campers when...

  • They sit in a corner and wait in Team Deathmatch.
  • They sit and wait in a spot that abuses spawn points (yes, I tend to do this as well).
  • They are "Defending" an objective and are totally useless at doing defending.
  • They use Ghost + AK-74u/Famas (almost always warrants camping).
  • They have less than 5 kills for the whole duration of the match (it's pretty dang obvious).
  • They kill me (ho, ho, ho).

camping is in the eye of the loser.

[quote user="Domuhnic"]

camping is in the eye of the loser.



Well said like a Champion. A play-style is a play-style. You can play the game which ever is most comfortable to you and which gets you the upper-hand to win the game. Of course you will always find the best way which is also the easiest for you to win, it's nature. I consider myself a camper and post up videos of how I do it on YouTube. Another thing is, a lot of people said on a forums where I posted the link; that in-fact I'm not a camper and I play the way it should be played, also very strategically. So I would suppose, camping doesn't mean you have to degrade others for killing you. I think that's why most people are upset about people who camp in an area or patrol a region; because they can't kill the effin' camper. Then guess what? Laugh's on the person who cant kill someone in the same position 24/7.

There's no wrong or right way to judge camping by any means. It's just a play-style like Rushing and running around aimlessly. Except a camper would play more strategical and a Rusher is on an all out rampage.

To me there are 3 types of campers:

The patroller - That's guy who patrols an area not really nailed to one spot but doesn't go to the other side of the map.  Personally I don't think it's camping but camping is so loosely defined now that unless you're running laps around the whole map you're a camper.

The true camper - someone that hides in a corner and waits for a victim like a snake

The Hider -  this person seems to want nothing to do with the fight.  They just want to hide and not be bothered.  The worst offenders are the teammates that watch you get killed then pop out and stab the guy instead of helping you.

Sniping is not camping because you are not supposed to run around sniping.  You are supposed to be hidden and use stealth.  If you were supposed to run around, the mobilty would be better for sniper rifles.

Well in real life you're not supposed to run around and be seen either and eliminate your enemy quickly while doing so carefully. Lol.

I do not care what people use.  I prefer using what gamestyle best fits the map,and gametype.  Sometimes run and gun and sometimes camping, and most of the time using both is a good way to have high kills and low deaths.  I use ghost pro but not for camping purposes, I use it to be able to run out in the open when an enemy helicopter is flying around.  Plus using it with hacker pro helps me to run up on turrets without getting killed and hacking them.  This is what ghost pro was meant to be used for.  Also when a uav is flying around most of the game it helps to be off the radar.  

I am not going to be the idiot that runs out in the open and get blasted by a heli, or get killed by someone just running to the little red dot that shows up on the radar, if you want to kill me, you better use dogs, airstrike, or just use your eyes and find me.  This whole camping/run and gun thing is a little old.  I prefer to call it the tactical gamer.

hmm interesting views. it seems overall a mature gamer appreciates all gaming styles.  to be honest it had crossed my mind many times that surely it can be argued that 'camping' isn't 'camping' and it's a playing style, which almost everyone has done so on here.

defending an objective shouldnt be considered camping/thread.

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