Why do people hate campers so much? I dont camp because i find it boring and i get more kills by moving around, but i dont understand why people hate thm so much


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Because this game/series is predicated on fast moving gameplay, and corner hiding f***ots ruin the flow and fun of the game. It doesn't matter if they paid $60 for it, it still ruins the flow of the game.

Camping is legit. It takes ALL types to have fun. I mean if we all rushed/ran, it would be like NASCAR out there. Everyone would be doing laps looking for the enemy.

Can someone explain how it changes the flow?  This s one of the dumbest thing posted about campers I've seen in awhile.

Ruins his flow is probably more accurate and I understand that. They annoy. But they always have. Nothing to whine about though. Unless you are one of three people in these forums that do it on a regular basis.

everyone always complains about camping, but what about the idiots that do just the opposite? what about the people that ignore the objective of the game (when they are playing objective game types) and just run around trying to get kills and not go for the objective? i think those people ruin the "flow of the game".

Running around getting kills is still more effective than hiding or camping when it comes to winning the game.


How does it ruin the flow? The point of the game is to produce fast, frenetic action...not a game of hide and seek, or peek a boo. It slows the game down, it makes it less fun. And please, no one here act like I suck or you're better than me because you're just not.

You always need slayers. Even in an objective game. And if they can run around doing it that is awesome. It is the corner camping kill farming scrubs that annoy people. I don't even have a problem with players camping in a building if it is strategic. Just the head glitching, corner camping, motion sensor scrubs that annoy me SOMETIMES. Still. nothing to come on a forum and cry about. Just be like me and scream at them profusely in the lobby afterwards.

its still always funny to see people say you need people to just kill and not go for the objective in games. but the thing is with that is basically everyone tends to do just that. they try to get kills and usually fail at that. i usually only play ground war and the majority of the games of domination i play i tend to always have the most kills, least deaths, most captures and defends so i dont buy the theory that you need "slayers". it must just be me getting thrown into lobbies with the sorriest of players i guess.

It is good that you can fulfill both parts of the equation. All I am saying is if players are running around doing well then they are helping the team. Not talking about the kids that run around right into bullets.

If find campers more challenging than run gunners.  Why? Because it is more fun to try to sneak and get him (Use flash grenade) to blind if he/she is in the building and run in and get him.  Line up shot and wait for his head to stick out of the window.   I cannot do much running and gunning b/c my DSL connection is not that great.  I found out that there is 40/60 chance I will win run and gun battle.

I like to use my cover be it wall, crates, cars etc.  I do not camp much and do my objectives (I like domination a lot).  PLUS if anyone camps you know where they are.  All one has to do is think of creative way to get him/her.

Camping is bad on the maps with tight choke points.  If one team controls that choke point it becomes hard to get through (considering the killstreaks add up in MW2).

But did you also think why people camp? Maybe because of the run and gunners.  Campers know the most common paths run and gunners take so they do not need to run and gun to get them.  If you slow your pace from time to time it might get boring for them and they might to come out and look for you.

A good team should have combination of both.

Just look at WW1. They all sat down in trenches and that didn't do cr*p.  Once they started to run and gun they all pretty much died.

They got smart in WW2.  Use tactics with correct movement.

Just hope for the combination of both and all should be good :)  

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