Campaign wins and loses

Hey guys,

looked around, couldn't find the answer. Figured I'd go to you guys. How in the heck do you keep track of which missions you've won or lost on?    I'd like to get that achievement but can't figure out a tracking method short of pen/paper and that just seems ridiculous. 


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I can't figure it out either. I lost one in the Militia campaign but I can't figure out which one.

Just keep playing, since there is a achievement for playing 50 campaign matches.

How do I replay the missions? I know a few of them that I lost that I want to replay.

Everytime you start a new private lobby and pick campaign. It starts you off at the beginning. It is only nine matches, I think.

you have to keep track yourself. after you run through one side you start the other. after you finish that you can select which level you want to play but can pick the side.

snake, you dont start all over you continue where you left off

Finish both sets of campaigns (IMC and Militia) and then you can do "quick play". Which will allow you to select a particular mission.

oops, mine should have said CAN'T pick the side