Campaign Mode (Standard or Arcade)

Does any one know the difference between the two?


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in arcade you get a points system

On that note, when you have the arcade mode thats so cool whats the point of playing standard?

Was just asking my self that same question..? still need to think about it i'll be back.

^^^ well if you are playing solo there is no point of play competitive co-op in Arcade i guess.

Yah that makes sense but wouldn't you want to get points and add to your level even if your solo in campaign mode?

Arcade mode doesn't have the cut scenes of the standard campaign either, I think.  So you'd be missing a lot of the story if you play through that way first.

I also think for Arcade mode, you can have "Mutators" such as Big Head Mode.

well if don't have cutscenes then i'll play that mode next time to get the exp if is true that work with your MP LV progression.

I've gone through the first level both ways and the only difference was arcade mode was way more fun. All the cut scenes were the same as far as I could tell.